Training Programs

Employee Engagement

Our executive coaching and employee training consultants at The Skilz Group are dedicated to promoting the value of employee connection in your business or organization. We provide customized employee engagement training for organizations of all sizes.

Communication Skills

It’s no secret that effective communication skills are imperative to the success of your business or organization. The executive coaching staff at The Skilz Group can help your employees hone their communication skills through our soft skills training programs.

Change Management Training

Managing change is difficult in any area of life, but dealing with change at work can be one of the toughest challenges your business can face. Let the executive coaching at The Skilz Group help navigate and embrace change in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution

The executive coaching staff at The Skilz Group tackles your business or organizations’ toughest conflict resolution topics through our integrated and relationship-based executive coaching and employee conflict resolutions skills training.

Leadership Training

The Skilz Group offers the Midwest’s widest and most unique selection of custom leadership training and leadership development programs tailored to fit the specialized needs of your business or organization.

Gallup Strengths

Learn about the future of business psychology and make the most of your employees’ Gallup Strengths with a Gallup StrengthsFinder test from The Skilz Group’s Certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

Not sure what kind of training you’re looking for? Contact The Skilz Group today for customized training consultation and get on the path to ENGAGE, INSPIRE, AND EVOLVE!