Change Management Training

“Embracing Change with New Perspectives from The Skilz Group”

Change management is difficult in any area of life, but dealing with managing change in the workplace can be one of the toughest challenges your business can face. The Skilz Group’s motivating training consultants have customized change management training programs to challenge your and all members of your team or business to see changes in the workplace in a new light. Our change management training consultants want teach you that it’s NOT about simply dealing with change at work or managing change, but rather, EMBRACING changes in the workplace! Our employee and executive coaching provides specific change management tools customized to the unique challenges of your business. Change is inevitable, so why not have some change management techniques to help you use unexpected changes at work to your benefit? See how our Change Management training workshops can help your company prepare and even enjoy changes in the workplace!

“Almost Painless” Change Management Training

New technologies and globalization are generating more business opportunities (and hazards) in Omaha and the surrounding Midwestern areas than ever before.  In response, both large and small organization are scrambling to transform themselves into better competitors by fundamentally altering the way they do business. Sadly, 70% of these efforts to make changes in the workplace fail.

The Skilz Group’s change management training program offers you and your employees the change management tools and the opportunity to hone the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you’ll need to ensure that your next business change initiative is among the 30% that succeed.  More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their goals
  • The psychological processes that shape individual, team, and organizational reactions to changes in the workplace
  • How to communicate in ways that help turn resistance into trust and trust into momentum for change
  • Strategies for using your knowledge of these change management processes to help design and execute successful change initiatives

Our Change Management training programs will help your Omaha company members to start looking at change as something to get excited about! Contact The Skilz Group today to see why changes in the workplace are something to be embraced, and get your change initiatives up and running without the fear of failure!