Leadership Training Programs

“Develop Great Leaders at Every Level”

The Skilz Group offers Omaha and the surrounding Midwestern areas the widest and most unique selection of custom leadership training programs and leadership development programs tailored to fit the specialized needs of your business or organization. The executive coaching consultants at Skilz are passionate about providing leadership development and training programs for all employee levels, because we know that regardless of your title, every employee and team member should feel like a leader no matter what role you play in your business. Our leadership training experts have created a full menu leadership development programs and management training that make you a better leader even beyond the workplace, so you can continue to show leadership and advance in all areas of life with our specialized leadership training and executive coaching. Take a look at some of our popular leadership training offerings:

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Course is a popular management training program in which an executive coach from Skilz Group helps managers, supervisors, and other executives learn how to effectively manage employee performance. This program is designed to help your business succeed by showing you how to:

  • Instill a sense of ownership in your employees
  • Set realistic expectations for employee performance, behavior, and attendance
  • Praise employees when they meet your expectations
  • Coach employees when they can’t meet your expectations
  • Discipline employees when they won’t meet your expectations

Leadership Fundamentals

When it comes to leadership development training, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are countless executive coaches promoting different leadership development methods, and it’s tough to know which leadership style or leadership training is best for your business. Our executive coaching staff recognizes the importance of going back to the basics, which is why organizations love our Leadership Fundamentals training program. This fundamentals of leadership training program provides a firm foundation for leadership development.  This leadership training will:

  • Provide the chance to experience for yourself what works and what doesn’t as people try to assume leadership of a group
  • Clarify how leadership differs from management
  • Dispel some common myths surrounding leadership
  • Outline a model of leadership that will guide your efforts over the next six sessions
  • Help you understand your preferred leadership style
  • Teach you how to cultivate and guard your personal credibility
  • Reveal how to persuade others to follow you as a leader
  • Illustrate how to successfully challenge the status quo without pulling the temple down
  • Provide techniques for keeping others inspired and celebrating your inevitable success

Leadership Communication Skills

A great leader must have superior communication skills. Effective leadership communication skills are essential to your business because the average leader spends over 70% of their day communicating with co-workers, peers, and clients. When you take this into account, it’s easy to see how poor communication skills can sandbag even the most passionate and technically talented manager or supervisor.  This program is designed to help you thrive as a leader by giving you the chance to:

  • Internalize a practical model of effective communication for leadership.
  • Recognize the 21 barriers to successful leadership communication.
  • Learn and practice a listening process that captures the whole message and prevents embarrassing and costly misunderstandings.
  • Master secrets of non-verbal communication that help you discover what others are really saying and then use that knowledge to assert your authority, connect with others, and resolve issues.
  • Employ the principles of positive verbal communication to enlighten, engage, and influence anyone.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to create credibility and rapport.

Influential Leadership Training

Our influential leadership development training course will teach your employees and executives at all levels how to become influential leaders. Leading through influence can seem like something that can’t be taught—most people believe you are either have an innate ability to influence others or you don’t. Our executive coaches will teach you that this is simply not true and we can show you how to make an influential leader out of anyone with our Influential Leadership Training Program.

This leadership training program is designed to help you succeed as a leader by giving you a solid foundation in the science and mechanics of influence.  You’ll able to:

  • Create credibility and rapport
  • Explain the six basic tendencies of human behavior that influence a positive response
  • Discuss the scientific rules of persuasive motivation, explain why they work, and provide examples of how to apply them
  • Identify and create specific strategies that can be used immediately in the workplace
  • Utilize your new understanding of influence to maximize productivity (and, hence, profitability!)
  • Build a high-performance team; increase a team’s ability to get along with each other; and improve communication, productivity, retention, and engagement

Personal Leadership Style

For every personality, there is a complimentary leadership personality or personal leadership style to match. Our training consultants want to help your business discover how to harness and develop your own personal leadership style to be the most effective leader possible. Our customized personality leadership training offers you a solid grounding in the science of personality and its application in the arena of leadership. You’ll be introduced to the Insight Personality Spectrum – a powerful, user-friendly version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (the most reliable and scientifically validated personal assessment tool in the world).  With it, you can…

  • Uncover hidden strengths in yourself and others
  • Size up people more effectively and better match them to the job
  • See other perspectives more easily
  • Generously share credit and appreciation
  • Supercharge interactions with your boss, employees, colleagues, and customers
  • Build and sustain partnerships that drive results
  • Get and keep yourself and employees motivated
  • Build stronger, more productive teams
  • Reduce stress
  • Short-circuit destructive conflict

Leadership Bootcamp

The training consultants at The Skilz Group will help you flex your managerial muscles with our intensive management training and leadership boot camp. Our leadership boot camp is a step above your standard management training programs and our management training exercises will prepare you for any battle or obstacle facing your business. Our Leadership Bootcamp draws from our body of knowledge and best practices to help you:

  • Clarify what it means to be a supervisor
  • Understand what has changed about your job and what hasn’t
  • Tackle three of the biggest challenges you’ll face
  • Avoid the ten most common pitfalls
  • Take the next step: committing yourself to long-term professional growth

Here are some of our innovative leadership development programs, but if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for to fit your Omaha business or team, contact The Skilz Group today and let our executive coaching staff put together a unique employee training course just for you!