Training Services Overview

Leadership Training Programs Overview 

The Skilz Group’s custom leadership training programs are facilitated by leadership and business training consultants with extensive knowledge and experience across a multitude of fields. Our executive coaching staff will provide management training programs for your team, organization, or business that will truly engage and inspire your employees, colleagues, and teammates to evolve both personally and professionally.

What We Do

The Skilz Group’s motto is summed up in 3 simple words: “Engage. Inspire. Evolve.” We guide you through these three action steps to achieve optimal success. Our management and leadership training consultants invest time to meet with our clients one-on-one to outline the specific issues you’d like to address in your customized employee training session. Whether it’s enhancing employee soft skills, effective conflict resolution and communication training, or simply embracing your employees’ inner strengths through our certified Gallup Strengthsfinder coaching, we’ll leave you and your colleagues ENGAGED, INSPIRED, AND READY TO EVOLVE.

How We Live Our Motto


Research proves employee engagement is vital to the growth and success of any business. It’s simple– when you believe and support the mission of the company, you’ll be more productive and invest more effort into becoming a positive contributor. Our training consultants have created entertaining specialized employee engagement programs to measure and increase employee engagement within your team or company. Our employee engagement surveys and training programs are based on decades of intense research and professional experience. We’re confident that if you utilize the skills taught in our employee engagement programs, you’ll experience a dramatic increase in productivity and satisfaction across the board.


We’ve all been forced to suffer through dull, employee training videos, online training sessions, and mandatory training meetings. Unfortunately, the most you often get out of these routine training sessions is a free coffee and the feeling that your time would’ve been better spent elsewhere. Our management training consultants and executive coaching experts at The Skilz Group will shake up the way you view employee training and leadership development with innovative and creative, yet informative and engaging research-based employee training programs.

Not only do we customize training programs to your specific business needs, but our training consultants boast extensive educational backgrounds and experience ranging from degrees and certifications in social work, psychology, executive coaching, human capital management, and even theater! With this “dream team” of Skilz Group leadership training consultants, you can be certain we’ll use our skills to convey our messages in an entertaining and unique manner, so you and your colleagues will leave our employee training sessions inspired and fired up. Our goal is to get our clients not to merely “go through the motions” when it comes to workplace contributions or group involvement, but rather become active and passionate contributors to the team.


The employee training consultants at The Skilz Group are committed to helping our clients evolve and grow at all levels. Change can be an uncomfortable topic, generally met with opposition from clients, employees, and even management who initiate the change in the first place. Despite its challenges, successful business leaders understand that being open to change is vital to the growth of your company. Our leadership training consultants create customized leadership training programs that will help you and your colleagues alter negative perceptions of change, and promote a working environment where new ideas and concepts are embraced and encouraged.

Our business training exercises help our clients see transitional periods as “evolution” rather than “change.” Evolution is not a one-time event to muddle through, but more of an ongoing journey toward excellence. Leadership development programs created by The Skilz Group are the perfect way to ensure that your entire organization comes leaves our training sessions with a more constructive mindset that will turn resistance to change into commitment to your cause.

Not certain what type of training you’re looking for? The Skilz group takes pride in offering customized training to fit your unique business goals. We strive to reach all individuals, so we also offer training documents in Spanish. Contact The Skilz Group today and begin the journey to employee ENGAGEMENT, INSPIRATION, and EVOLUTION!