Our Model of Management

The Skilz Group’s Training Process

The leadership training consultants at The Skilz Group help organizations and businesses in Omaha, NE and beyond to engage, inspire, and evolve through our effective model of management utilized in our employee engagement and soft skills training seminars. Our unique model of management is used for all our custom employee training, executive coaching, and leadership development programs. This management training model is a three-phase, people-centered model of management based on extensive research by well-respected organizational behavior experts Clay Carr (1995), Roger Kreitner, and Angelo Kinicki (2004). Our employee training courses emphasize that all organizational goals are achieved through positive, mutually beneficial relationships among colleagues and between managers and employees.

The Skilz Group’s Executive Coaching & Soft Skills Training Model of Management

All of our leadership training courses, management training seminars, and executive coaching emphasize the individuals who are the life of your business. In order to achieve effective management, our employee training consultants guide you through three phases:

Phase 1: Leadership training sessions on how to “become your best you” and gain respect and trust.

Phase 2: Management training courses on how to utilize trust and respect you’ve earned to develop successful employees and high-performance teams.

Phase 3: Business training courses on how to create productive partnerships that promote employee engagement and allow you to coordinate your team’s efforts with key players inside and outside your organization.

Let Us Become Your Training Department

We want our soft skills, employee engagement, and leadership development training sessions to be as unique to your business as possible, which is why we created a flexible, budget-friendly, and stress-free process. We will tailor all training sessions, whether it’s leadership training, pre-employment and employee engagement surveys, Gallup Strengths coaching, or additional customized business training sessions, to fit your style.

Leadership Training Delivery

  • On site
  • Executive consulting via phone/ Skype training sessions
  • Online training courses

Employee Training Session Lengths

  • 60, 90, 120-minute blocks
  • Half-day or Full-day employee training sessions
  • Multi-day leadership development training courses

We also love to train and consult your company’s existing trainers on how to deliver our customized employee training courses. We want your experience with The Skilz Group to be effective, exciting, and hassle-free, so you can focus on becoming your best you for your business or organization.

Contact the leadership training consultants at The Skilz Group today for affordable pricing and experience why our soft skills training, Gallup Strengths mentoring, leadership development courses, and employee engagement seminars are the most effective solution for your business training needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can provide customized training sessions to fit your unique business needs. Ask about our special training documents in Spanish as well!